General Liability

Dallas General Liability Contractors Insurance -3-8General Liability Insurance: Man how things have changed in just the last three years. Hello, and thank you for stopping by today and looking at our humble website parked here in cyberspace concerning your protective coverage’s. You can go throughout our website and see the different articles that we put up and will be posting throughout this year 2015. Again, we are grateful that you came by today and looked around at our small cyber liability shop. You can talk to us in person by the phone numbers at the top or you can contact us via email by clicking the purple button to the top right hand corner that says “quote” for your General Liability Insurance.

We will help

If you are new to the idea of having a certificate of insurance and general liability then that is why we opened our company in the first place. Understanding that someone may have sent you (via email most likely) the conditions of employment for their company, meaning the insurance requirements that you are going to need to adhere to work for “enter company’s name here”. There is nothing easy about some of these endorsements and certificates. If you are new you probably are not familiar with the next statement – “a certificate of insurance auditing company” – that you may hear the words compliance Depot.

Compliance Depot

Dallas General Liability Contractors Insurance -3-2Now, compliance Depot is not the only certificate of insurance audit company out there but for today it’s the most common. Yet, if you are new to this and just want to look around and get pricing then I can assure you we will be able to have a quote in your hands within five minutes. Now again if you are new to this – “insurance thing” – and then there is one thing that you want to resign yourself to – take your time answer the questions properly and truthfully and do yourself a favor. Do it right the first time. You may be a:

  • Flooring Contractor
  • Concrete Contractor
  • Framing Contractor
  • Small General Contractor
  • Electrician

There are certainly more types of contractors and with each they have a thing called a “class code”. It first the questions normally fall into three different categories – just about every time. Let’s go over the top three and remember at any time you can give us a call or click quote for your general liability insurance.

How long to get a quote

Dallas General Liability Contractors Insurance -3-9Well, the quote part is going to go fast…very fast. Normally it works something like this. We are going to need your labor calls and your experience and your loss history – meaning have you had any losses as concerns general liability in the last five years. Right after you give us that information along with your physical address phone number and FEIN or Social Security number you will have a quote – it’s really that easy and that fast.

That was the easy part.

Now, that is the easy part – now there are going to come the questions that are a little more difficult. As an example did someone email you insurance requirements for a contract you need to sign? Inside of this contract is normally your insurance requirement – you want to forward that to your perspective agent and let them go over this contract to be sure or at least help you find out if this contract is going to be fiscally feasible.


Dallas Insuranance 11-1We have been working with contractors as a licensed agent since 2004 – and please take my word for it when I say more has changed in the landscape of general liability insurance and insurance in general in the last five years then insurance has changed in the prior 50 years. Still, we understand you cannot stay in business giving all of your money to the insurance agent. We are like every agency in Texas we truly want to be better faster and smarter and comply with all of your certificate of insurance needs. Again, that is why you want to do it right the first time slow down and consider exactly what your needs are going to be for you and the protection of your assets.


is for informational and entertainment purposes only – I wrote this – one person and I am telling you this is my personal opinion. We offer absolutely positively no warranty or guarantee whatsoever. If you have more questions about our disclaimer click here.