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Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general contractors liability – I do hope you are having a blessed day and are ready for today’s rains here on Thursday. I cannot guarantee or endorse what any weatherman says yet the rumor about North Texas today is that things going to get pretty severe as is concerns the weather. In particular the rain is supposed to get dumped on us and it seems like the wind is oscillating between high to tornado type. I do not claim to be and I am certainly no meteorologist or have any particular insight into the weather, yet it may be prudent to be sure that you and your family are safe. In Dallas we open the phone lines here at 7 AM and go until 7 PM and will do so even this rainy Thursday. Today we would touch a little bit on the codes and how they may reflect coverage on your particular policy – remember were going to write this in a questionnaire type form, and other words we are trying to say you might want to call your agent to talk about your Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general contractors liability.

Here is why

I do not operate under the ability to see into the future, yet I think it would be logical to say that somewhere in America there may be a general liability claim in the year 2015. When we are speaking of codes we are talking about an identifier – in other words you may be a painter that does interior paint’s for remodeling companies or you may be a remodeling company that hires a subcontractor that is a bg10painter. Although on the surface these may seem like the exact same thing, yet with closer inspection we may see a difference between the two. Let’s just say that on one job you do a few different codes in each one of these may have a code tethered to them – and other words let’s say that you will be doing…

  • Landscaping
  • Exterior Painting
  • Roofing
  • Remodeling
  • Flooring

Truly, I do not know what you will be doing on any particular job and this scenario is certainly made up and drawn from the recesses of one’s imagination. Let’s say that you were doing some landscaping and painting. And then all of a sudden you needed Dallas Contractors Insurance General liability-5-2to patch the roof on an apartment complex you were working on. You may want to be sure that you have coverage for that particular code – roofing code. Now were going to say this generically and were just going to assume something here – that there are different types of roofing commercial and residential, also there may be exclusions on the type of roofing – think hot tar. This is my way of saying it is quite possible this is not cut and dry. Were going to pick up right here tomorrow talking about roofing and exclusions and codes on your Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general contractors liability.


Now, people do asked me if I am a licensed agent why do I need a disclaimer – reasonable question. I have not read every policy in Texas, I have not read your policy and understand the exclusions and the policy language on your particular policy. This is my way of saying Dallas Contractors General Liability Insurance-4blatantly – I don’t know anything about your policy. Therefore we put things in the form of a question – in other words we position everything as – what happens if? I wrote this myself today – this is one person’s opinion and nothing more. Everything at this web address and this blog in particular is for informational and entertainment purposes only. This website/myself/this blog in particular offers no warranty or guarantee whatsoever. If you have a question on our disclaimer click here.

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