What does it cover?

Dallas Contractors General Liability Insurance, to me, now this is not a meteorologist speaking this is a regular everyday insurance guy going by memory – but it seems like it has been a long time since the weather has been this cold for this long. Good morning it’s 5:05 AM and time to get things started. In our day to day working operation sometimes things go wrong and I get more than just one phone call a year asking me if a particular thing is covered under (that contractors) coverage, meaning wanting to know if_________ is covered under their Dallas general liability insurance.

My first day

More then a decade ago I certainly remember the first time the definition of what general liability is and was not by way of definition and here is what I was told – this is a third-party liability. I can assure you one hour later I still had no idea what they were talking about. To break it down into a little definition it truly helped me when someone put it this way – if you are working on a coffee table and break said table – what you are working on is not covered. Meaning you had the coffee table in your care custody and control therefore that type of coverage is called bailee.

OK….say that again

Dallas General Liability Contractors Insurance -3-8What you have in your hands or have here, custody or control of is not covered under your general liability. Let’s take the same coffee table and say you are moving it to the next room and while doing so you drop the same coffee table down the stairs. Now without going into much of an imaginative overhaul let’s just say the coffee table tears up around $10,000 worth of stuff. Remember there was no one hurt in this particular make-believe scenario.

The coffee Table

The coffee table again which was in your care custody control is on you, in other words you are probably going to have to go into your own pockets and pay for his table. The other damage sustained by the coffee table is most likely going to be paid by your general liability mine is the deductible. There may or may not be a deductible on your Dallas general liability insurance….it is not

  • Workers’ Comp
  • Inland Marine
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Tools Maybe yes maybe no
  • Commercial Auot

There are different types of coverage’s for different types of exposures/losses. In other words: say you have a subcontractor that is hurt on a job that you have hired by your company. Although the total explanation is for a blog on another day there is a possibility/meaning you may – end up being responsible for their medical bills.

Just like your insurance now

Dallas General Liability Contractors Insurance -3You currently have a much better understanding of insurance than you might think. As an example when you have an accident in your car regardless of who is responsible remember that you will probably not file a auto accident claim on your homeowners insurance. And if there was a grease fire in your kitchen of your home it is not likely that you will file a claim on your auto insurance. Although, this is very obvious the idea is just to point out that different coverage’s offered different exposures just like home and auto.


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