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Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general liability – 972-217-8907. I hope you had a fabulous weekend with you and your family. I don’t want to drudge up anything negative, yet here we are it is Monday morning and Dallas, is ready to go contractors. This is my way of saying let’s get started. You may just have a question, or you may want to get a quote/indication on your “GL” – or maybe you’re looking at a different type of coverage such as commercial auto or workers compensation. We will be here from 7 AM until 7 PM Monday through Friday and if you need help on the weekend we will normally be answering the phones from 8 AM until noon. Have a blessed day and give us a call if you have concerns regarding your Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general liability.


You may have needs on your commercial auto or maybe your workers compensation. Now, normally when the phone rings here it’s about general liability and there is a old saying that says general liability is the backbone of the construction insurance industry. Personally, I cannot confirm or deny that yet most phone calls that come to us are concerning your general liability. Now we won’t be able to go over all of this in one day, however we would like to talk a little bit about codes and how that may have something to do with the structure of pricing and may have something to do with how a claim may be handled. Now here are things that may not be on your policy…
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  • Personal Auto
  • Swimming Pool
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Health Coverage
  • Subcontractors
  • Now, understanding that we have not read your policy, subcontractors may or may not be on your policy and that may be an area that you want to call your current agent or the person who assisted you with getting your policy and asked them that question – are subcontractors covered on your current policy?. Now, with that said we do not offer a crystal ball experience or have a time machine which can actually look into the future. With that said we are trying to say that we do not know what your current policy covers and what it does not cover because we have not read the policy nor have we looked into the policy language of your Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general liability.
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    We try

    We certainly want to try to be of assistance to every person the calls. In reality, very few large contractors give us a call because normally their phones are overrun with agents throughout Texas trying to lend them a hand and get them a new policy. Now, in reality we cannot confirm this or deny this were just saying the larger companies seem to be all taking care of. We are here for them small contractor the man and woman that works with her hands that builds everything you see on both sides of the road – the blue-collar people. For the smaller company we are here, the small general contractor that runs 1.5 million and less.


    On person wrote this blog, this is the personal opinion of myself and nothing more. If you have a question on anything written here please Dallas Contractors Insurance General Liability-2287note that everything here is for informational and entertainment purposes only. This entire blog and website and myself personally and our company offer no warranty or guarantee whatsoever of the information here are any of our websites. If you have a question about our disclaimer go here.

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