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Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general liability 972-217-8907: we are here on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 and truly want to be at your service or answer some questions on the possible policy coverage’s that you may be looking for that may protect your family’s assets and may be there if there is negligence in your company’s occupation. Also, I would personally like to thank you for dropping by today because, you have a lot of options when it comes to websites to choose when you’re looking for an agency to work with to help provide coverage and protection for your company. Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general liability let’s talk quickly about – (what if).

What happens if?

Now, what happens if there is a claim? What is the first step that you might want to take towards resolving a situation that is facing you and your company. Now, I cannot tell you every protocol that would be beyond my capability and in my opinion downright impossible. Speaking hypothetically though – the first person you want to contact is your agent. Different companies may have different protocols, yet the end result may be the same. The company that has written the policy stereo-typically will assign an adjuster. Things may vary from company to company, such as you may have a captured agency or you may have an independent agency therein, the lineage of actions may differ between the two. This is a scenario that is, out of never never land, and other words this doesn’t have a reflection on any real claim this is just an example. Let’s say that you are working on…..

  • Flooring
  • Heat/Air
  • Concrete Construction
  • Roofing
  • Painting

Or, any other type of work that we could possibly think of, this is just an example and I think you may get the point here. For arguments sake let’s say that you were installing a window, something’s gone wrong and now there is a claim. Here is where I will be in a gray area because I’m just not giving any advice, in this particular scenario let’s say that you called your agent in file a claim. For the sake of this article let’s also say that you were covered on this particular type of code, and other words the code for window installation was on your policy that may put us in a so far so good situation on your Dallas contractors insurance, Dallas general liability.
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Now, you may want to be sure that your policy covers your employees that are doing the labor and coverage for subcontractors if you decided to put the job out for hire. In this particular scenario we’re going to say that subcontractors are covered and that as we pre-mentioned the code for window installation is good. Now, there may be some things to consider because you may have a deductible – you may not have a deductible yet that is something you just might want to know. We will pick this up tomorrow Thursday can start working on our processing of a claim.
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I wrote this scenario today and this is my personal opinion, all articles on this website in its entirety and the articles here inside this website were written by one person and that is me and this is my personal opinion. This website/blog/myself – offers no warranty or guarantee whatsoever. Also, everything on this website and this blog i in particular is for informational and entertainment purposes only. If you have a question on our disclaimer please go here – or call us at the number at the top and ask us personally and we will do all we can to help you with the spirit and nature of our disclaimer.

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